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  • Supporting Characters | Review

    Tribeca 2012

    By | April 29, 2012

    Director: Daniel Schechter

    Writers: Daniel Schechter, Tarik Lowe

    Starring: Alex Karpovsky, Tarik Lowe, Arielle Kebbel, Melonie Diaz, Kevin Corrigan, Sophia Takal, Mike Landry, Lena Dunham, Michael Rivera, Sebastian Sozzi, Josh Alexander, Ryan O’Nan

    It goes without saying that editors are an integral part of every film production, yet they rarely receive the recognition (or thanks) that they deserve; so, with Supporting Characters, writer-director-editor Daniel Schechter gives us a glimpse into the everyday lives of two fictional editors — Darryl (Tarik Lowe) and Nick (Alex Karpovsky).

    Darryl and Nick work as a team, accenting the fact that editing is a multifaceted process — Darryl handles the dirty work (basically keeping everything organized) while Nick focuses on the creative side of editing. They are currently working on a film by Adrian (Kevin Corrigan); but, for whatever reason, the director provides them with very little guidance. Darryl and Nick are forced to make some very difficult decisions on their own — they strongly disagree with each other over the possible deletion of one specific character. Nick trumps Darryl and his decision causes them to butt heads with each other, as well as with Adrian. (Adrian also butts heads with the cinematographer and everyone seems to butt heads with the producer — with all of this headbutting going on it is amazing that any work gets done.)

    The power dynamic between the editing duo grows increasingly frictional as the situations with their respective lovers also becomes rocky. In Nick’s case, it is more than just work related stress that causes the rift between him and his fiance, Amy (Sophia Takal); it is mainly due to Nick’s flirty new friendship with Jamie (Arielle Kebbel), the lead actor of Adrian’s indie comedy. Meanwhile, Darryl is desperately trying to hold onto Liana (Melonie Diaz), but he seems unable to get the upper hand at work or at home. In other words, “being a guy isn’t always easy.”

    Supporting Characters is about not getting the respect that you are due; but Schechter’s film is also about the human desire for security — whether it be financial, romantic, career — especially in the uncertain world of freelancing. Because of their career, Daryl and Nick are forced to exist day by day, project to project. No matter how much they love working in film production, it is a lifestyle that makes long-term relationships quite difficult to maintain.

    Rating: 8/10

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