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  • Michael | Footage

    By | May 15, 2012

    Strand Releasing released writer-director Markus Schleinzer’s Michael on DVD in the United States today. To celebrate, we figured that we would post a clip from Michael. And let’s just say that after watching this clip, “Sunny” will have an entirely new meaning…

    Writer/Director: Markus Schleinzer
    Starring: Michael Fuith, David Rauchenberger, Christine Kain, Ursula Strauss, Victor Tremmel, Xaver Winkler, Thomas Pfalzmann

    Not to be confused with the Nora Ephron film starring John Travolta, Austrian writer-director Markus Schleinzer’s Michael is an everyday portrait of a pedophile. (Yes, you read that correctly.) A very average-looking thirtysomething, Michael (Michael Fuith) spends his mundane days working in an insurance office. Then, when he arrives home after work, Michael closes the shutters of his windows nice and tight and heads down to the basement to visit Wolfgang (David Rauchenberger), the 10-year-old boy whom he keeps locked up down there. Michael and Wolfgang have dinner, wash dishes, watch movies and play games; then Michael ushers Wolfgang back to the basement and locks him up again… Schleinzer makes Michael’s disturbing sexual deviancy seem surprisingly normal. Except for one scene, Michael never becomes the stereotypical, creepy and deranged pedophile that Hollywood has consistently revealed to us. (Mind the pun.) Instead, Michael is all about keeping up the appearances of a banal, middle-class, suburban existence. He is a model employee at work, keeps his home impeccably tidy and clean, maintains regular contact with his sister and mother, goes on a ski trip with some buddies… (Check out our 8 out of 10 review of Micheal.)

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