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  • Cherry Bomb | Blu-ray Giveaway

    By | June 25, 2012

    Julin Jean (Killer School Girls from Outer Space, Friday Night Lights), Nick Manning (Crank: High Voltage, Beach Heat Miami) and John Rodriguez (Blind Turns, Johnny’s Gone) star in Kyle Day’s Cherry Bomb, an explosive homage to Grindhouse and B-sexplotation movies of the early 1980s. Smells Like Screen Spirit and Well Go USA Entertainment have teamed up to give away a few Blu-ray copies of the Austin-filmed Cherry Bomb, which debuts on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on July 10th.

    Director: Kyle Day
    Writers: Kyle Day, Garrett Hargrove
    Starring: Julin Jean, Nick Manning, John Rodriguez, Allen Hackley, Jeremy James Douglas Norton
    Synopsis: The beautiful Cherry is an exotic dancer who is attacked by a group of sleazy men in the club where she works. The men escape justice and she vows revenge by killing them off one by one. Things start to spiral out of control when a mysterious hit man named Bull is hired to put an end to Cherry’s bloody tirade. She soon realizes that there is more at stake than she ever imagined.

    For your chance to win a Cherry Bomb Blu-ray, tell us (in the Comments section below) the title of your favorite Austin-based film production.

    ***Please note: We can only ship DVDs to U.S. postal addresses.***

    Winners will be picked at random on July 10, 2012. Good luck!!!

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    • Keith Smith

      My favorite is “Dazed and Confused”:>)

    • Ckerr1027

      Definitely dazed and confused! It truly gives an awesome retrospective of Austin and Texas in the 70’s! The laid back chill atmosphere of life back then and how Austin has kept it till this day!

    • Claudette Otis-Watkins

       Man of the play House was awesome too. I had the opportunity to play in this movie.  It was great. 

    • Jodi

      Slacker! It was the first film I ever saw that didn’t have a transparent plot; therefore, it stayed on the brain for weeks.

    • Anita

      For sure it’s “Dazed and Confused.”  I have watched my copy about 50 times and it never gets old.  I was about the same age as the main characters and although I have never lived in Texas, most of the scenes (club initiation, riding around in cars looking for a party, keg parties) are things we did.  All the cars the guys drove are familiar also, and the music is great and brings back great memories.

    • Petercheukp

      Presidio Pictures

    • Petercheukp

      Twelve Mighty Orphans – Presido Pictures

    • Eric King

      Gotta go with the masses and say Dazed and Confused! 

    • marc

      I gotta say Dazed and Confused, as well.

      “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.” -David Wooderson