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  • Don Simpson for Best Film Critic 2012!

    The Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2012

    By | September 6, 2012

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have a vision for the future. A future where greatness and dedication are recognized and rewarded. This is why I stand before you today (actually sitting and not in front of anyone) and nominate Don Simpson for FILM CRITIC in the The Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2012 campaign.

    Let’s help put an end to the mediocrity and nepotism of election years past. You only have four more days (through 9/10/12) to do your duty and proudly cast your vote as a fan of thoughtful and intellectual film criticism. My plea to you is to click the link below or on the very original campaign image above, and vote for Don Simpson (the hardest working and producing film critic in Austin…maybe the world) under FILM CRITIC. While you’re there it would also be very Austin-y, and quite frankly, American of you to vote for Smells Like Screen Spirit under LOCAL BLOG in the Media section of the ballot. Your readership, support and participation are greatly appreciated.

    The Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2012 Ballot 



    Dave Campbell

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