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  • It’s in the Blood | Review


    By | October 25, 2012

    Director: Scooter Downey

    Writer: Scooter Downey, Sean Elliot

    Starring: Lance Henriksen, Sean Elliot, Rose Sirna, Jimmy Gonzales, Cameron Wofford, Cassie Kinchen, Doran Ingram, Andrew Varenhorst

    I can only imagine how haunting the witnessing of a rape can be — and the witnessing of the rape of a loved one can only be amplified at least 1,000% above that. Essentially, that is what writer-director Scooter Downey’s It’s in the Blood is all about. Unfortunately, It’s in the Blood takes on those demons all too literally…

    October (Sean Elliot) is inexplicably driven to return home to his estranged father (Lance Henriksen). They get off to a rough start, but are forced to bond once his father suffers a horrific accident. Like father like son, they witness the same demons — which makes sense, since they both witnessed the same rape and murder. Together they find themselves nearly weaponless stranded in a dense forest surrounded by blood-thirsty monsters.

    If It’s in the Blood has anything going for it, it is Mike Simpson’s (no relation) amazing cinematography. The composition and the lighting of the shots is nothing short of perfect; and the fog is magnificently cued. Lance Henriksen’s acting abilities are nothing to sneeze at either. Otherwise, this is a redundant and heavy-handed film that does not have very much to offer.

    Rating: 5/10

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