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  • Married and Counting | Review

    Polari (aGLIFF) 2012

    By | October 11, 2012

    Director: Allan Piper

    Starring: Stephen Mosher, Patrick Dwyer

    No one can deny the issue of gay marriage in this country.  Over the last decade many states have debated the allowance or denial of gay marriage, especially in California where a new law seems to take effect every other year.  Only a handful of states currently allow gay marriage while many others have passed civil union laws.  What do you do when you’ve been with someone for twenty-five years and you still can’t legally marry in your state of residence?  For Stephen Mosher and Pat Dwyer the answer is simple: you get married in all the states that will let you.  Married and Counting, directed by Allan Piper, is a testament to love and human rights.  Mosher and Dwyer met at the University of North Texas as college students and have been together ever since.  They wanted to celebrate their love for each other and thought the best way to do that would be to marry one another…seven times.  The documentary follows the couple as they pack up and pile into van after van with groups of friends to their various wedding sites.  Each wedding is unique having its own ring and officiant, often a friend the couple have known for a significant portion of their relationship.  The journeys become a bit repetitive, but the message never grows old.  Why on earth should a couple living in New York City have to travel to a state such as IOWA just to get married?  Narrated by George Takei, Married and Counting speaks to the national issue of gay marriage but also provides an intimate look at the trials and tribulations of Moser and Dwyer.  Being native Texans, a state that ratified a constitutional amendment against gay marriage, both men have pretty conservative family members.  So conservative was Dwyer’s upbringing, in fact, that the film gives him the impetus to finally come out to his brother.  Married and Counting is raw, informative, funny, and touching.  I don’t know many couples, hetero or otherwise, that have as open and honest a relationship as the one captured by Piper.

    Rating: 8/10

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