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  • Missed Connections | Review


    By | October 24, 2012

    Director: Eric Kissack

    Writer: Kenny Stevenson

    Starring: Kenny Stevenson, Dorien Davies, Avi Rothman, Amir Talai, Jordan Black, Candace Brown, Mitch Silpa, Stephanie Escajeda, Scott Beehner, Eileen O’Connell, Julie Mitchell, Shane Elliott, Alex Enriquez

    Neil (Kenny Stevenson) has hit a rough stretch of road in his life. He’s freshly single after he walked in on his girlfriend cheating on him with his good friend Allan (Avi Rothman), stuck in a dead-end and infuriating customer service job and surrounded by less than supportive family and friends. It’s no wonder he’s depressed.

    But the cavalry arrives in the form of his two best friends Barry (Shane Elliott) and George (Alex Enriquez), who have devised a plan to help Neil accomplish the one thing in life that is sure to give meaning to any man down on his luck, getting laid. All Neil has to do is respond to desperate women who have posted on the Craigslist Missed Connections page, looking to “reconnect” with men with whom they had some fleeting encounter or exchanged a glance pretending to be that missed connection and setting up a meeting. And then he can show up and step in after the poor woman’s soul has been crushed by the non-appearance of their dream man. I mean, nothing’s easier or more rewarding than bedding a desperate, broken-hearted woman, right?But along comes Jane (Dorien Davies), a missed connection who is more than Neil bargained for, and one who keeps showing up over and over, and things get more complicated.

    With solid performances all around by the ensemble cast, some witty and sharp dialogue and plenty of laughs (all put together on a tiny budget!), Missed Connections is a film I want to love. But I can’t. Jane’s lack of character development and depth made her and her interactions with Neil hard to relate to. And yes, I know it’s a comedy and there is no doubt it delivers some laughs, I couldn’t help but have a distaste for the attitudes of Neil and his buddies about women, sex, and life in general.

    Rating: 6/10

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