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  • Hearts of Napalm | Review

    SLAMDANCE 2013

    By | January 19, 2013


    Director: Andrew Irvine

    Writer: Andrew Irvine

    Starring: Ashley Spillers, Alex Dobrenko

    One might assume that there is no more intimate connection for humans than sex; but as Ashley (Ashley Spillers) and Alex (Alex Dobrenko) discover one night, there is an oft-forgotten part of the equation: mutual satisfaction.

    While Alex is in an especially affectionate post-orgasmic state, Ashley is left wanting more. This, of course, is frustrating for Ashley and somewhat emasculating for Alex. They both want Ashley to climax, they just cannot decide how to make that happen. It quickly evolves into an incredibly stressful situation for both of them.

    Writer-director Andrew Irvine’s short film has an incredibly astute perspective of a couple hoping to discover mutual happiness in sexual intimacy. For Ashley and Alex, the entire future of their relationship seems to hinge upon finding a way for them to both achieve climax. If that cannot happen, then we can only assume that they will break up.

    Ashley Spillers and Alex Dobrenko successful make their characters gratingly realistic, while also interjecting as much humor as humanly possible into this tenuous scenario. Without the foreplay of their emotional balance, these two characters would have never become empathetic enough for this film to ever achieve a climax.

    Rating: 8/10


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