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  • kink | Review


    By | January 23, 2013


    Director: Christina Voros

    During one scene a director asks his model, “have you ever had 18 orgasms in a row before?” She responds, “not while hanging upside down!” That’s right, the model has been hanging upside down with a mechanical dildo thrusting in and out of her; she obviously likes it, considering her high orgasm-to-minute ratio. This is the wild world of, the fetish website that Christina Voros has set out to document.

    To be perfectly honest, I had never seen a machine screw a woman while she hangs upside down. Heck, I had never seen most of what is featured in kink; and now that I have watched kink, I do not think it can ever be unseen. I cannot say that watching women and machines have sex is in any way a turn on to me, but there is a world of people who love this kind of stuff.

    Voros sets out to reveal this clandestine world to the rest of us. She introduces us to the directors and models of and allows them the opportunity to speak thoughtfully and intelligently about the world of BDSM. It soon becomes apparent the the people of really love what they do, and their audience loves what they do too. It is a win-win situation. Best of all, absolutely no one gets hurt (unless having too many orgasms is bad for you). clears the air about their various safety measures — most importantly, there is always consent.

    The point of kink is to expose BDSM to the rest of the world and this fits perfectly in producer James Franco’s personal agenda to convince Americans to be more open and honest about sex. If Franco’s high profile affiliation really does get more people to watch kink, then all power to him. I am all for opening the puritanical minds of Americans. The problem is, BDSM has such negative connotations associated with it; no matter how wrong those connotations are, I think a documentary about BDSM might not be considered as required viewing by even the most diehard fans of Franco. That said, I will be extremely happy if kink proves me wrong.

    Rating: 8/10


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