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  • Pearl Was Here | Review

    SLAMDANCE 2013

    By | January 20, 2013


    Director: Kate Marks

    Writer: Kate Marks

    Starring: Miana Abramson, Sharon Eisman, Cara Danielle Brown, Sharon King, Brady Allen, Rachael Caselli, Mike McGill, Chris Magorian, Michelle Gillette, Mark Augden, Murphy Martin

    Pearl (Miana Abramson) is one of those seven-year-old kids who makes those of us without children feel very damn lucky. You know the type — those bratty little hellions who throw ear-splitting tantrums that make The Tasmanian Devil look like a cuddly little teddy bear. Of course, more often than not these “bad” kids are the bi-product of bad parenting; but more about that in a bit…

    Writer-director Kate Marks’ Pearl Was Here takes place on a fateful day that Pearl and her mother (Sharon Eisman) visit a convenience store. While separated from her mother, Pearl discovers one of those claw machines filled with colorful stuffed animals; but Pearl does not want to just play the game, she wants to climb inside of it. Once inside the machine, Pearl is perfectly happy. This is heaven for her, surrounded by cheerful and friendly toys. There is no whining or screaming, just a big ole smile on her face.

    Of course when Pearl’s mother discovers her whereabouts, she throws a fit of her own. Pearl certainly has no intentions of getting out of the claw machine on her own, so the hapless convenience store clerk (Cara Danielle Brown) is left with no other option than to phone the fire department. Once Pearl is freed from the machine, we witness exactly why she is such a loud and violent child.

    Miana Abramson’s performance as Pearl is more than enough reason to watch this nine-minute short film. It is nothing short of amazing. Abramson is so perfectly cast in this part — there is absolutely no denying that she must have at least a little bit of Pearl inside her. No child actor can be that good, can they?

    Rating: 8/10


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