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  • Dirty Wars | Review

    TRUE/FALSE 2013

    By | March 3, 2013


    Director: Rick Rowley

    If recent films like Zero Dark Thirty and Manhunt are a bit too “Go team America!” for your liking, Dirty Wars will definitely lead you to hate the U.S. military strategy more than ever before. Heck, Dirty Wars might actually convince you that covert operations are worse than drone strikes — because doesn’t it seem more cold-hearted and ruthless to murder innocent people while staring into the whites of their eyes? It is nauseating to me to learn that our military is doing such things, whether it is because of misinformation or negligence or unbridled aggression; but it is even more sickening to hear about the cover-ups…

    Rick Rowley’s documentary follows investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, a gadfly who tenaciously seeks the truth behind a series of unjust murders committed by a secret subset of the U.S. military. Scahill’s journey is convoluted and chaotic, never knowing where the next set of clues will lead him. What he does learn everywhere he goes is that these murders of innocent people are breeding hatred towards the U.S. The surviving family and friends would otherwise be peaceful people, but now they are given just cause to retaliate — whether or not they ever will choose to retaliate is an entirely different story altogether.

    Dirty Wars is an amazing piece of investigative journalism that slugs you right in the gut, then kicks you a few times while you’re down. This is obviously a film that the U.S. government does not want us to see — let alone believe — but Dirty Wars is one of the most important post-9/11 war documentaries made thus far. This is the type of film that is convincing and invigorating enough to move and motivate its audience to speak out against these atrocious acts of murder. All I can say is that Obama is very lucky Dirty Wars was completed after the 2012 presidential election; I know I would have been very conflicted about voting for him after experiencing Dirty Wars.

    Rating: 9/10

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