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  • 3 | Review

    Cine Las Americas 2013

    By | April 23, 2013


    Director: Pablo Stoll

    Writers: Pablo Stoll, Gonzalo Delgado

    Starring: Sara Bessio, Humberto De Vargas, Anaclara Ferreyra Palfy, Néstor Guzzini

    Rodolfo (Humberto de Vargas) lives a very lonely existence. He is unhappily married for the second time, living in a cold and lifeless flat. His work life is not any more fulfilling, as he is forced to abide by the repetitive daily routine of a dentist. Soccer is Rodolfo’s one and only escape from the mundanity of life; but because of his age, full-bodied frame and knack for showboating, he finds himself ostracized by his team.

    We never learn why Rodolfo’s marriage to his first wife, Graciela (Sara Bessio), did not work out. Rodolfo has dutifully kept in contact with their teenage daughter, Ana (Anaclara Ferreyra Palfy); and, it is Ana’s birthday that serves as an excuse for Rodolfo to attempt to reconnect with his first family. Noticing how out of sorts their flat is, Rodolfo takes it upon himself to clandestinely fix the place up. All the while, Graciela’s free time is dedicated to serving as the caretaker for her dying elderly aunt and Ana so distracted with boy problems that she is on the verge of expulsion from school. So, as Rodolfo begins to further ingratiate himself into their lives, no one seems to notice. That seems to be the story of Rodolfo’s life.

    At the very least, Pablo Stoll’s 3 features the most effective use of Guided by Voices’ “Motor Away” in the history of cinema. Stoll’s film is saturated with other creative music cues, as the soundtrack functions as the blood coursing through 3‘s veins; there are even a few very clever dance sequences. 3 also benefits from screenwriters Stoll and Delgado’s approach to humor which carefully balances intelligence with silliness, so even an implied handjob joke rings much too sincere to ever be considered perverse. The comedy all rests on the notion that the modern family has become so bastardized that all we can do is laugh about it. Parents fall in and out of love like the changing of the seasons, and teenagers are always distracted by their raging hormones; so 3 may seem pretty silly on the surface, but it grows increasingly absurd as we realize just how authentic the story is.

    Rating: 7/10


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