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  • Bryan Poyser, Michael Stahl-David, Ashley Bell, Zach Cregger & Sara Paxton (Love & Air Sex) | Interview

    SXSW FILM 2013

    By | April 6, 2013


    When Stan (Michael Stahl-David) notices a Facebook post that Cathy (Ashley Bell) is planning a trip to Austin, he decides to tempt fate and fly to Austin as well. You see, at one point in their somewhat recent pasts, Cathy and Stan both lived in Austin. They shared a really intense love for each other, but life got in the way and the two of them traveled to opposite coasts for work.

    We have seen the cinematic story of two former-lovers brought back together — whether it be accidentally or purposefully — countless times before; but Bryan Poyser presents us with the complete opposite of those films, one in which the two former-lovers may actually never meet, thanks to the constant intervention of their best friends, Kara (Sara Paxton) and Jeff (Zach Cregger). Poyser is intent on having Cathy and Stan fall in love naturally, not forcibly, and maybe not even with each other.

    Bryan Poyser’s Love & Air Sex (formerly known as The Bounceback) may find itself categorized as a rom-com, but this is a film made by someone who shares with me a strong disdain for the Hollywood rom-com genre, so Poyser reinvents it with a more palatable and artful approach. Poyser doesn’t take the lazy way out and just make a satire, instead he seeks to make the once respectable genre respectable again. The standard character types are represented, but Poyser gives them much more depth and reason than we have grown accustomed to with Hollywood rom-coms. Sure, some of the dialogue could easily be categorized as broad comedy, but it is cleverly written and delivered with a high level of realism. Their motivations and actions seem perfectly sincere and natural, not contrived for greater dramatic or comedic effect.

    Shortly after the world premiere of Love & Air Sex at SXSW 2013, writer-director Bryan Poyser and his primary cast — Michael Stahl-David, Ashley Bell, Zach Cregger and Sara Paxton — chatted with us about rom-coms, Austin and Air Sex (oh my!). Here is the video interview to prove it: 

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