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  • La jubilada (The Retiree) | Review

    Cine las Americas 2013

    By | April 24, 2013

    la jub

    Director: Jairo Boisier

    Writer: Jairo Boisier

    Starring: Paola Lattus, José Soza, Catalina Saavedra, Daniel Antivilo, Hernando Lattus

    Many stories focus on the aspirations of small town inhabitants who dream of a better life in the big city.  La jubilada (The Retiree), written and directed by Jairo Boisier, presents a story about a homecoming instead, and not necessarily a welcome one at that.

    Fabiola Neira left her town for the capital city of Santiago.  Now, at the age of 30, she’s returning home to start over again.  When she arrives at the home of her father, Rogelio (Rogelio José Soza), a recent retiree more interested in his bird than his youngest daughter, the family tension is abundantly apparent.  Fabiola’s older sister, Gina (Georgina Catalina Saavedra), also isn’t all that excited to see her come back.  The lack of excitement and sense of distrust at having Fabiola back in their midst begs the question, what’s happened here?

    One of the conditions of her being allowed to live at home, some of the first dialogue uttered, is that Fabiola must find a job.  This proves to be incredibly difficult as no one wants to have her work for them.  She first tries a friend who owns a bike shop and later inquires about work with a barber whom she used to help; clearly no one wants her, but why?  Finally, Fabiola is hired on at a metal recycling facility as a supervisor by Moisés (Daniel Antivilo).  He sees an opportunity the others aren’t after, her past career.

    La jubilada is about Fabiola’s own retirement from her prior career and trying to live with the consequences.  The film is a touching look at trying to find love and redemption in one of the hardest places they can be found, within one’s own family.  Just as things seem to be turning for Fabiola, Moisés’ jealously over Fabiola’s friendship with his young son, Tarantula (Hernando Lattus) proves to be a major setback.  Her family realizes they cannot trust her, but the audience begins to question her as well.  La jubilada is a well-directed, sweetly sad tale.  Paola Lattus, as Fabiola, delivers a great performance, able to capture the fun-loving as well as repentant side of a character caught between nature versus nurture.

    Rating: 7/10


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