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  • Porcelain Horse (Mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas) | Review

    Cine Las Americas 2013

    By | April 23, 2013


    Director: Javier Andrade

    Writer: Javier Andrade

    Starring: Victor Arauz, Andrés Crespo, Alejandro Fajardo, Leovanna Orlandini, Francisco Savinovich

    Paco (Francisco Savinovich) lives the life of privilege that most men dream of, lounging around, not really doing much except drinking and getting stoned; he also enjoys friends-with-benefits sex with his former high school sweetheart, Lucia (Leovanna Orlandini), whenever her husband is preoccupied. Luis (Victor Arauz), Paco’s younger brother, takes even more advantage of his privileged life than Paco. A bratty punk musician with a serious drug addiction, Luis has buried himself under an insurmountable debt with his dealer and his dealer is ready to cut Luis off if he does not start making payments on his tab post-haste. Luis has been forbidden from ever setting foot inside his parents’ house because they know with absolute certainty that he will steal from them at the very first opportunity that he can find. When that opportunity finally does arrive, it serves as the flap of the butterfly’s wings that will forever riddle Luis and Paco’s lives, as well as the lives of everyone around them.

    Javier Andrade’s Porcelain Horse contemplates the devastating effects that drug abuse and extreme wealth can have on entire families. Drug addiction is difficult enough, but when it is paired with unlimited access to cash, that is when things can really snowball out of control. The best thing Luis’ parents did was to kick Luis out of their house and cut him off from their wealth. Sure, dealers are willing to cut a lot of slack to a client from an extremely wealthy family, but eventually Luis’ dealer would have said “no mas.” Regardless, Luis has nothing to do with his life other than play music and do drugs. He has no purpose, no motivation. (Porcelain Horse may not like rich drug addicts, but it also does not like people with no motivation or purpose.) Even when Luis becomes a rock star, he still continues down the same dark path — if anything, the limelight expedites his journey into the darkness.

    The only reason Paco’s head has been held above water for so long is because he wants to perpetuate the myth that he is on the straight and narrow. No matter how much he hates it, his day job as a bank teller helps him maintain a rather functional lifestyle. Besides, he can have “no strings attached” sex with Lucia on a regular basis. When it comes down to it, sex with Lucia is his drug of choice.

    So, there are some important life lessons to be learned from Porcelain Horse. First and foremost, always pay your dealer. Secondly, even if your family is stinking rich, don’t be a slacker; you should still hold down a steady job, just to keep yourself honest. Thirdly, forbidden love affairs are much more exciting than actual relationships.

    Rating: 8/10


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