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  • Sublime and Beautiful, The | Slamdance Review

    SLAMDANCE 2014

    By | January 19, 2014


    Director: Blake Robbins

    Writer: Blake Robbins

    Starring: Blake Robbins, Laura Kirk, Matthew Del Negro, Anastasia Baranova, Matthew Boyle, Chris Bylsma, Michael D. Coffey, Keith Loneker, Shanda Lee Munson, Armin Shimerman, Chris Stone, Scott William Winters

    David (Blake Robbins) and Kelly (Laura Kirk) are raising three young children in a quaint suburb in Kansas. David works as a college professor who is sometimes tempted by his female students. All the while, Kelly stays at home to take care of the kids. Regardless of David’s indiscretions, of which Kelly is probably suspicious, they seem to have a fairly content relationship.

    One night, while David is on a date with his T.A. (Anastasia Baranova), tragedy strikes his family. In a bold moment of directorial confidence, The Sublime and Beautiful opts not to immediately disclose the precise nature of the tragedy, but we know by the emotional states of the surviving characters that the event was devastatingly horrible. In the aftermath of said tragedy, David is crippled by extreme levels of hatred, blame and guilt.

    Unable to forgive the survivors of the tragedy, or himself, there seems to be no other option than for David to seek retribution. His actions make perfect sense within the context of the narrative, yet what he seeks to do is still morally questionable. The Sublime and Beautiful asks the audience to wear David’s shoes, while delving into their personal histories and moral philosophies in order to decide whether David’s actions are acceptable or not.

    Rating: 8/10


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