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  • Love & Air Sex | Review

    By | February 8, 2014



    Director: Bryan Poyser

    Writer: Bryan Poyser, David DeGrow Shotwell, Steven Walters

    Starring: Ashley Bell, Michael Stahl-David, Zach Cregger, Sara Paxton

    Cathy (Ashley Bell) and Stan (Michael Stahl-David) meet in Austin and find they have a thing for each other. It’s good, this thing, but all good things must come to an end. Cathy is accepted into medical school in New York and Stan moves to Los Angeles, because people just move to Los Angeles. Stan is super-bummed that he has no more Cathy. Stan’s depressive episodes end when, while browsing a social media site, Stan notices Cathy is headed back to Austin—temporarily. Stan decides to do the same, and so off he goes to hopefully reunite with his love. But will it be the same? Will Cathy still dig Stan or will it be a wasted vacation for these two ex-lovers?

    Love & Air Sex is a romantic comedy that’s not so much a romantic comedy as a whacky jaunt through the streets of Austin, where folks meet and party, have air sex (and real sex), meet again, party again—and have more air sex (and more real sex). It’s like a hipster’s dream with only the absence of satchels, trendy bicycles, and endless brew pubs making that dream dim just a bit. I did love Jeff’s van, as it, for me, exemplified the true identity of Austin—or at least it did many moons ago.

    While the film is centered around Cathy and Stan’s relationship, Cathy’s friendship with Kara (Sara Paxton) is far more interesting and funny than her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Stan. Ditto goes for Kara’s relationship with Jeff (Zach Cregger). That said, the height of the hilarity in Love & Air Sex comes from the relationship between Jeff and Stan. I suppose you could say the funniest parts of the movie are not when our lovers are together, but when they are hanging out with friends. Maybe it’s more a buddy movie.

    Rating: 6.5/10




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