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  • Jupiter Ascending | New Trailer

    By | March 27, 2014


    With nearly every movie coming out these days either a remake or reboot of already existing material, you have to give the Wachowski siblings credit for being some of the most imaginative minds creating science fiction today. Say what you will about the almost unintentionally hilarious appearance of Channing Tatum donning elf ears and the equally unintentionally hilarious appearance of Mila Kunis attempting more serious dramatic work, the fact of the matter is that Jupiter Ascending didn’t exist before the Wachowskis thought it up and made it all happen. And because of that, in a summer where we will have seen the seventh X-Men and fifth Spider-Man movies, it’s hard not to be at least slightly grateful that we’re seeing new material.

    The Wachowskis’ output since the first Matrix has been uneven, at best, so despite much of the awesomeness contained in this trailer, I’m still not 100% on board. But this trailer goes a long way into showing just how great the Wachowskis are at world building and I’ve gone from being very skeptical about seeing this to being pretty interested in checking this out on July 18th.

    Anyone want to place bets on if Sean Bean makes it out of this movie alive?

    Prepare to have your eyeballs melted, July 18th, 2014:

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