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  • Real Hoverboards from Back to the Future II?

    What are the true motives of this HUVr publicity stunt?

    By | March 4, 2014


    It’s no big secret that the holy trilogy of my childhood was Back to the Future. Yeah I have my special place for the original Star Wars trilogy too, but BTTF still reigns supreme with me. When Back to the Future II “showed” us what 2015 would look like, our 1989 minds were blown. Hovercars, yeah that’s great…but hoverboards? They’d never be able to keep up with the demand!


    So yesterday a site went live for a company called HUVr that is claiming to have finally created the fully functional board that connects with a smart phone app, which is promoted by the likes of Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Billy Zane, and others. Watch the below two videos and we’ll pick up after that:





    I know-I know, I wanted to believe it was true as well, but there is obviously some deception and visual trickery happening in those videos. So the real questions is, what is this viral marketing a precursor for? Notice how he said “Back FROM the Future”, in the HOW video?

    There have been rumors/buzz for years that another sequel or spin-off was always possible and here are a few reasons to consider that angle:





    An independent story separate from Universal Pictures franchise would explain the lack of Mattel branding and a new name on the board, but there is also some serious cash behind the production of those HUVr videos.


    Another coincidence I came across on IMDb is a film listed for release in 2015 called Paradox. There isn’t much information provided, but the brief plot provided is: After learning about the dangers of time travel, a young scientist gets caught up in a dangerous mission to prevent it from ever being invented.


     Then there was the news last month from sneaker culture site Sole Collector, where designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed that we will see power laces in 2015.  So what is this bogus viral business really all about? It’s obvious that it’s to promote something on the horizon, but when will the true agenda be revealed? Keep the discussion going in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to revisit this as more comes to light. Great Scott!




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