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  • Chronicle 2 Gets Passed Along To New Writer

    By | April 1, 2014

    chronicle is reporting that the powers that be at Twentieth Century Fox have reached out to a yet-to-be-produced writer, Jack Stanley, to pen Chronicle 2 after turning down the original screenwriter’s (Max Landis) script for being too dark. While there are not any writing credits to Stanley’s name, he did write a script titled Sweetheart which made the 2013 Black List of un-produced screenplays.

    Seeing how the original Chronicle cost 12 million to produce yet made 126 million dollars in box office receipts, it makes total sense that Fox would want to go back to that well and see if it can produce any more box office magic for the studio. But seeing how two of the three leads died in the original movie, Joshua Trank won’t be returning, and the original screenwriter has been replaced, this sequel has an air of “cash grab” to it.

    The original Chronicle is an interesting movie which has a lot to say about the nature of superheroes and villains in a real world setting, but I don’t know that it left a lot of things unanswered. It was a pretty open and shut story. The original Chronicle was a unique moment in time for all of the participants, featuring a pre-Fruitvale Station Michael B. Jordan, a pre-Amazing Spider-Man 2 Dane DaHaan, and a pre-Fantastic Four Joshua Trank.

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