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  • David Fincher out of Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic, but…

    By | April 22, 2014


    It was kind of a bummer to read last week that David Fincher was no longer attached to the upcoming Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic (due to monetary and creative control issues), but that disappointment was lessened with the news that Danny Boyle was in talks to take over the directing reins. Out goes Fincher and his choice of Christian Bale as Jobs, in comes Danny Boyle and his choice of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jobs.

    I’m pretty sure the Aaron Sorkin-penned script is pretty airtight, but you can’t get much different in directorial style than David Fincher and Danny Boyle. Fincher movies are very tightly wound, while Boyle movies tend to be a little more kinetic and quickly paced. While things are still in the “developing” stage, it will be interesting seeing how this plays out. Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t worked with Danny Boyle since their work together on The Beach. Both have gone on to do amazing work since then, so it will be great (if this plays out) to see them working together again.

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