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  • HEY YOU, GUYS! Goonies 2 is happening

    By | April 7, 2014


    Those intrepid “reporters” at recently caught up with Goonies director Richard Donner and asked him if he had any plans to make any more comic book movies. He answered, “If you call Goonies a comic book. We’re doing a sequel.” When asked further if any of the stars were going to return, he answered “Hopefully all of them.” This comes after Goonies star Sean Astin recently told that he’d bet his children that a sequel would happen.

    What exactly this all means and how this will play out is anyone’s guess. There has been talk of a Goonies sequel since the 1985 movie came out and became one of the highest grossing and most loved movies of that year. Fans across the internet have been taking to message boards and comments sections to speculate on the story. Will Goonies 2 be the original cast on another treasure hunt? Will it involve their kids? Can they possibly reunite the entire cast — seeing how Josh Brolin has gone on to become one of the better actors working today and might turn his nose up at another search for One-Eyed-Willie’s gold? What will they do about Sloth, seeing how John Matuszak has since passed on and the notion of a deformed person being locked in a dungeon might not play well for modern day sensibilities. Will Cyndi Lauper return to create a new song or was her work on the first one “Good Enough” for her (uh-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah)? Can Chunk (Jeff Cohen) still do the “truffle shuffle” seeing how he has gone on to become probably the best looking of all the Goonies kids?

    I was a humongous fan of the original movie. I was eight years old when Goonies came out and I don’t think I could have been at a better age for that movie to sink in at the cellular level. When I first read the news, I was both excited and nervous. Who wouldn’t want to see an Amblin-style movie come out that reunites Donner with the cast and crew of his original movie? My nervousness doesn’t come from my worries on if they can create a good story or not? I mean, it’s not like the original movie, with its Hardy Boys-meets-Errol Flynn-meets-Our Gang sensibilities had a thoroughly difficult story to tell. It was a pretty straightforward movie, when you get right down to it: kids’ town is in danger from rich baddies, kids find map to long lost treasure, kids avoid booby traps, kids find gold, kids save town. I’m more nervous about whether or not they’ll be able to capture the magic of the original movie. We live in a much different world than one that was presented in the 1985 movie. There was still the notion that there were undiscovered places that a group of plucky kids could adventure. Are there any “undiscovered” places in a 2014 America, one that increasingly becomes more and more fenced in? Would kids who found a treasure map in their parents’ attic take the time away from their X-Box consoles long enough to see where that treasure map led? If this movie does end up getting made, I hope that’s the route they take.



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