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  • Hollywood Thinks Very Little of Us, Options a Peeps Movie

    By | April 24, 2014


    First comes the depressing news that Disney is turning It’s a Small World into its own movie franchise, but this latest news is a real doozy… I love Peeps, the marshmallows dusted in colored sugar that you can buy by the row or sheet. Besides the sugar crash, what’s not to love? But Hollywood is about to test just how much love for Peeps is out there by asking us to spend our hard earned money on a Peeps-themed movie.

    I have to agree with the good folks at Cinema Blend that this may be the most depressing “exclusive” ever, but is reporting that Just Born, the Pennsylvania-based Peeps producing company, is looking to go big time with a LEGO Movie-esque family epic in which a misplaced Peeps bunny jumps from diorama to diorama, searching for the one in which he belongs. Adam Rifkin of Detroit Rock City and Underdog fame (???) has optioned to produce the movie. As with anything, there is potential for a decent movie out there, but… nah… I can’t fake like this will work.  You can insert “Hollywood has run out of ideas” comments below.

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