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  • “Sherry Baby” Will Get Stuck in Your Head with New Trailer for Clint Eastwood’s JERSEY BOYS

    By | April 18, 2014


    The trailer for director Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys debuted this morning. Filled with a cast of Hollywood unknowns (and Christopher Walken… ALWAYS Christopher Walken) and based off the smash Broadway musical, Jersey Boys is a dramatized account of the rise and fall of the Four Seasons, including the meteoric rise of frontman Frankie Valli. The movie looks well-crafted and well-acted, as most of Eastwood’s movies are, but I’m guessing that one’s appreciation for the movie will hinge on how much one enjoys the music of the Four Seasons and can stand the high pitch falsetto of Frankie Valli for a couple of hours. I’m a fan, thought not enthusiastically so, so I’ve put this one on my radar. Now I need to find a way to get “Sherry Baby” unstuck from my head.

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