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  • The First 5 Minutes of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 Soars!

    By | April 22, 2014


    Yahoo Movies has posted the first 5 minutes of this summer’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it appears as if the good folks over at Dreamworks Animation have another home run on their hands. The voice talent, score, and visual animators are all going big here and I can’t wait to see the rest of the movie.

    2010 was a great year for animated movies (Toy Story 3, TangledDespicable Me) but I’d say that the first How to Train Your Dragon was the biggest surprise of them all. It was a largely original story, had an epic scope, and contained flying sequences that rivaled anything James Cameron did in his masterful Avatar. Few movies, whether animated or not, have been able to pull off telling an epic story while also having a real and relatable dramatic feel. The first movie was a resounding success and all indications are that the second movie is going to follow suit. If anything makes me nervous, though, it’s that the second movie has really revealed a lot of the major twists with their trailers. I’ve always been a “less is more” type of person with movie trailers and I really wished that they hadn’t revealed that (spoiler alert) Cate Blanchett’s dragon-taming character is Hiccup’s mother. That seems like a twist better left to be seen as it happens in the movie. Maybe there are more twists and turns to come, but it feels like they’re coming dangerously close to showing their hand in order to sell a movie that would have been a hit no matter what. But that’s a minor gripe. Check out the trailer.

    How to Train Your Dragon 2 opens on June 13th.

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