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  • X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Full Trailer Drops a Stadium on the Internet

    By | April 16, 2014


    The X-Men: Days of Future Past full-length trailer dropped on the Internet last night like a football stadium on a freeway. I could not be more excited for this movie. While the viral marketing campaign has left a lot to be desired, including mutants badly (and tastelessly?) photoshopped into famous world events, I’ve been nothing but impressed with each trailer they’ve released. The first couple of teasers did their job of getting my mild enthusiasm ramped up, but this latest trailer is out to kick ass and take names.

    If there’s one common criticism of Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies, it’s that they’ve been a little light on action, and what action there is has been relatively unexciting and unimaginative. Not here. Even Storm, a character comics fans love but have generally not liked as presented in the movies, looks pretty spectacular this time around. If you were worried about this X-Men film being the Wolverine and friends show, you may be a tad bit nervous for this one based off this trailer. However I’m excited that we’re getting glimpses of numerous, previously not-seen mutants doing some pretty spectacular things.

    I’m a bit of a time travel nerd and I have to admit to being slightly nervous about how they’re going to reconcile the 70’s timeline with the more modern/future X-Men characters. Are they creating alternate timelines? It seems to me that if the events of X-Men Days of Future Past were prologue to the Singer X-Men movies, things would have been really different in Singer’s movies. Confused? I am. But that’s a discussion to be saved for after the movie comes out. Another discussion to be had later: how is young Xavier walking around after having been confined to a wheelchair in X-Men: First Class?

    Enough talk from me. Just watch!

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