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  • Zack Snyder to Direct DC and WB’s JUSTICE LEAGUE

    By | April 28, 2014


    The Wall Street Journal  is reporting that Warner Bros  is officially going with Man of Steel and Man of Steel 2 director Zack Snyder to direct the upcoming Justice League movie. I can’t say this is altogether surprising as it makes sense to carry the tone, style, and themes Snyder set with Man of Steel into the Justice League movie. With this announcement, it is nice to finally have more clarification that what is being filmed now is indeed a Man of Steel follow up and not a Justice League movie, despite being jam-packed with DC superheroes.

    Man of Steel was one of the most polarizing summer blockbusters in years, so this news probably won’t sit well with people who were cold to lukewarm on that movie. I am a huge fan of that movie, so I’m pretty enthused to see where Zack Snyder, David Goyer (presumably), and Christopher Nolan take the DC universe. At some point I’d imagine they’re going to bring in other directors to spin off some of these other properties. Perhaps Ben Affleck will pull double-duty with starring and directing a future Batman installment. Time will tell. With many of the big geek Comic Cons coming up this summer, I bet we’ll get a lot more news, casting announcements, and maybe a teaser trailer or two in the near future. After years of stops and starts, it’s pretty great to see that the DC properties are now well on their way to the big screen.

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