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  • Feeding Mr. Baldwin | Review

    By | May 14, 2014

    Feeding Mr. Baldwin

    Director: Will Prescott

    Writer: Will Prescott

    Starring: Dalton Leeb, Anil Margsahayam, Christopher B. Duncan, Laird Macintosh, Abby Miller

    Shot in the hills of Southern California, Feeding Mr. Baldwin utilizes minimal locations to successfully showcase a microcism of quasi-losers and freaks, with the quasi-losers being the unwitting pawns of the freaks. It’s a dark comedy that poses the age-old question—where does one hide a dead body? If you’re Drew (Dalton Leeb) in Feeding Mr. Baldwin, you wing it with the help of a friend and you keep the dog on a short leash.

    And so it begins as Drew abandons his crappy job for a chance to work for Lance Bryant (Christopher B. Duncan), a wealthy inspirational speaker and author. Lance is traveling abroad and has asked Drew to house sit; should that go well, Drew might have a shot at joining Team Lance, a paying gig with Drew at the beck-and-call of this egotistical weirdo. Things get strange soon after Lance’s departure, with a courier delivering a most peculiar package, and from there, things go from strange to downright crazy! Drew finds himself in over his head, but with help from his wacky friend Kamal (Anil Margsahayam) and eccentric neighbor, Spencer (Laird Macintosh), Drew might just get drafted by Team Lance—and avoid jail time.

    Feeding Mr. Baldwin actually has little to do with Mr. Baldwin, but it is a creative way to market the movie and everybody likes a cute bulldog that is obsessed with dead people. As for the how-do-I-hide-a-dead-body angle, it’s nothing new, but the comedy is fresh, and director Will Prescott hired a cast that you probably haven’t seen in every other movie that’s come out in the last few years. Dalton Leeb does Drew justice, playing a naive fellow enamored with the completely wrong person. Anil Margsahayam is a stellar Kamal, the bike-riding, knife-selling friend of Dalton, but the best performance award goes to Laird Macintosh as Spencer Shaw, Lance Bryant’s eccentric neighbor. Macintosh helps bring this trio full circle with all three bringing their best comedic relief, although honorable mention goes out to Christopher B. Duncan as Drew’s “motherfuckin'” mentor.

    If you’re a dark comedy buff, Feeding Mr. Baldwin will be a fun weekend-on-the-couch movie. Prescott doesn’t really wow with cinematography, but he makes up for it by penning a good script and choosing a suitable cast (there’s also a great scene with the delivery guy (Ryan Vincent Anderson)—one of the funniest moments of the film). It you are old as hell like me, this is your 21st century, less politically correct, but way better, Weekend at Bernies. If that doesn’t convince you, there’s always the cute bulldog.

    Rating: 7/10


















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