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  • Godzilla Sequel Gets Green-lighted For More Mass Destruction

    By | May 19, 2014


    After a surprisingly great debut weekend at the box office, is reporting that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have given the green-light to Godzilla 2. There are not many details as of now, but it’d be pretty surprising if director Gareth Edwards wasn’t asked to come back. With only two major films under his belt, it’d also be pretty unprecedented for Gareth Edwards to walk away. Legendary and Warner Bros. have to be smart enough to realize they have what appears to be a unique talent on their hands and I’m hopeful they’ll deliver the proverbial Brinks money truck to his house in an effort to get him back.

    He talked about potential sequels in a recent interview with MTV and mentioned that his “less is more” approach wouldn’t change much in a sequel. It’s refreshing listening to an interview with a director who gets it. 

    Being a big fan of Edwards’s Godzilla, I’m already chomping at the bit to see what kind of mayhem he can further unleash upon the masses. Maybe Godzilla will take a road trip across America, doing God’s work by taking out Branson, Missouri? Or maybe he’ll head back home to Tokyo? Or perhaps he’ll venture to Toronto to battle Mega Rob Ford as he shoots up heroin with the Toronto CN Tower. The possibilities are endless…

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