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    By | May 21, 2014

    Last week, Zack Snyder set the internet afire by releasing a black and white photo showing Batfleck and most of the new Batmobile. This week we get the official logo, name of the new movie, and news that cameras have officially started rolling on the Man of Steel follow up. I can’t wait to find out what next week brings.

    First, let’s take a moment to ooh and ahh at the new logo. Go ahead…I’ll see you below.


    After months of speculation, the Man of Steel sequel will be called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While I fully expect Superman to be a major player in this movie, this pretty much dispels the notion that this is a direct Man of Steel sequel. instead I’d say it’s safe to view it as a launching pad for an expanded DC universe which will bring the Justice League to theaters in an undisclosed amount of time.

    The logo is pretty much identical to the one they released at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. If you never saw that presentation, do yourself a favor and check it out below. It maintains the Superman logo used in Man of Steel and the more flat Batlogo used in the Batfleck picture from last week.

    In the presentation above, Harry Lennix reads a passage from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, in which Superman and an older, more grizzled Batman come to blows after years of clashed ideals. It’s a great book and should be a must read for any fan of Batman and Superman. While Snyder has said that he is not making a strict adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, it’s obviously going to be a springboard for this sequel and all future Justice League-themed movies.

    When it rains, it pours: All of today’s news comes after Kevin Smith expanded on that famous black and white Batman picture from last week. Kevin Smith was one of the first people to see the new costume and was sworn to secrecy about what it looked like. He hinted for months that it was one that we were all familiar with and that upon first glance, he bear-hugged Snyder and thanked him for bringing the comic book-looking Batman back to the movies. Now that the official image has been released, Kevin Smith added more detail as to the color and appearance of the costume:

    As you may remember I saw a photo of the Batsuit many months ago and a lot of people asked online “is that the picture you saw”? No. That is a very cool picture but that’s not the picture I saw. They put it on a fake rooftop and they lit it and stuff like that, but it was in color and you could see every piece of detail. I’ve seen some people online go “why is this f***ing suit any different than the Chris Nolan Batsuit it’s all one f***ing color”. It’s like dude that’s a monochrome photo. You know what that means? One chrome. That’s not a representation of what the suit looks like. So what the suit looks like… and I was always kind of keeping it quiet until they revealed it, but they’ve f***ing revealed it. You can kind of see and you’ve seen some people take the picture and color it online. If you want to see what this f***ing suit looks like, you just go to Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”, go to the third book, Hunt the Dark Knight…it’s the exact f***ing outfit he’s wearing. That’s why I hugged that guy all those months ago.

    For those unfamiliar with that book, here is picture taken directly from that book:

    dark knight

    While it was hard to tell last week, Kevin Smith is basically admitting that the new Batsuit is some variation of black and grey, though some have also speculated it could be a darker blue and grey, too.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens May 6, 2016.

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