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  • Poster for Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR Released: Yes This is News!

    By | May 7, 2014


    Paramount Pictures just released the poster to Interstellar, the upcoming movie directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Nolan standby Michael Caine.

    I recently saw a great imgur gallery showing how nearly all movie posters fit into 15 over-used, cliched formats. Great movie posters, such as this one, that break the norm and stand out should be celebrated. A great movie poster often defines the movie and shapes how we view that movie both before and after we’ve seen it. I can’t think of The Goonies or Jaws without thinking about their iconic posters.  This poster, with it’s melding of a rocket ship and the Milky Way, reminds me of something Drew Struzan would have done. If you don’t know that name, you certainly know his work. Just think of any late 70s or 80s popcorn movie that was worth its salt and he probably did the poster.

    This poster and its simultaneously released tagline (“Mankind was born on earth, it was never meant to die there”) completely sell me on this movie. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a Nolan fanboy, so I was sold on this movie already, but the poster is so great I almost don’t even need or want to see a trailer. I have friends who have read the Interstellar script and have said that this is going to be a great movie, and unlike anything we’ve previously seen from Christopher Nolan.

    Interstellar comes out in November of 2014. Rumors have the first full length trailer being attached to Godzilla, out on Friday, May 16th.

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