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  • Trailer Roundup: The Equalizer, Mood Indigo & Life Itself

    By | May 27, 2014


    The Equalizer


    I’ve already told my wife that if I ever get kidnapped by shady Eastern Europeans, she needs to call Liam Neeson and/or Denzel Washington. There’s just something about a former CIA operative in the midst of a midlife crisis that brings out the “bad ass” in the both of them. Based on the 80s show of the same name, The Equalizer reunites Denzel Washington with his Training Day director Antoine Fuqua. While Fuqua’s work has been a bit all over the map, he is a pretty talented guy and has a great eye at stuff like this. Denzel always brings a magnetic intensity to stuff like this. While it looks to be pretty similar to a lot of stuff he’s done (a friend said this looks like a prequel/sequel to his Tony Scott directed Man on Fire), I have to admit that this trailer sold me on this movie. It looks like stuff we’ve already seen before, but it does look like a rollicking good time at the movies.  

    The Equalizer opens September 26th, 2014 and is produced by Columbia Pictures and Lionsgate


    Mood Indigo

    Mood Indigo

    Acclaimed director Michel Gondry brings his unique visual style to Mood Indigo, an adaptation of Boris Vian’s book of the same name. Starring Audrey Tatou, Romain Duris, Gad Elzaleh, and Omar Sy, Mood Indigo is a modern romantic dramedy in which a young inventor falls in love with a young woman who has a “tiger lily growing in her chest.” Michel Gondry is a director that runs hot and cold for me. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my all-time favorite movies, yet I’ve found many of his other movies to feel disjointed and not completely coherent as narrative movies. I’m a huge fan of his music video work and much of his directorial work has felt more like a string of well made music videos tied together than like a movie. This one looks more centered than previous works of his, but only time will tell how this works as a movie. 

    Mood Indigo opens July 18th, 2014 and is produced by Studio Canal.


    Life Itself


    Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Steve James (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters) brings us Life Itself, an intimate look at the life of famed movie critic, Roger Ebert. Pulling together footage from the groundbreaking  At the Movies alongside talking head interviews with everyone from Chaz Hammelsmith Ebert  (his wife) to Martin Scorsese and Werner Herzog, it looks to be a pretty in-depth examination of “America’s Most Powerful Critic.” 

    Life Itself opens July 4th, 2014 and was produced by crowdsouced funds raised on Indiegogo and via CNN Films. 

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