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  • Two Bats with One Stone: New Batmobile and Suit revealed

    By | May 13, 2014


    After teasing the Batmobile yesterday, Zack Snyder took to Twitter today to kill two bats with one stone by revealing Batman’s updated suit and his new ride.

    The new suit is certainly a departure from Nolan’s most recent Batsuit, as it’s a lot more form-fitting and less armor plated. It also ditches the black for more of a dark grey look. Also of note: the more subdued, less pointy ears. This is our first look at Ben Affleck in the new suit. Say what you will about the casting, but holy smokes, Batman, that guy is jacked! This is a Batman I can see both working with and against the similarly ripped Superman (Henry Cavill).

    The new Batmobile is pretty sweet. After seeing the rear of it yesterday, we get much better glimpse of the entire car today. While still being large and menacing, this Batmobile seems to fall more in line with the various comic book interpretations that have existed over the years than with the tactical tank Christopher Nolan introduced in his Dark Knight movies. Can’t wait to see this thing in action.

    More please!

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