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  • Rian Johnson in talks to direct STAR WARS EPISODE VIII

    By | June 21, 2014

    stwa is reporting that Rian Johnson, director/write of Looper and numerous memorable Breaking Bad episodes (“Ozymandias,” “Fly,” and “Fifty-One”) is in talks with Lucasfilm to direct Star Wars Episode VIII. It appears that JJ Abrams is going to be following in George Lucas’s footsteps by directing the first movie and then stepping out of the way to let other directors take a shot behind the camera. 

    I loved Looper and felt that Ozymandias was one of the best hours of television ever produced, so I’m pretty enthused by this news. I believe he has a great eye for this type of thing, though admittedly he’s never attempted anything of this magnitude. While it would have been cool to see what JJ Abrams did with follow-up movies, I’ve read countless stories detailing that Abrams was never completely enthused about the prospect of these movies taking him away from his California based family for months at a time. I’m guessing that JJ Abrams will oversee the making of Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX.

    When this news first broke, Rian Johnson took to Twitter and posted the following scene from The Right Stuff:

    “Dear lord, please don’t let me fuck up.”

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