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  • The PADDINGTON Trailer is an Abomination

    By | June 13, 2014


    At one point, Studio Canal executives gathered into a boardroom and decided that the world needed a Paddington Bear movie, despite no one really asking for one. So… this Christmas, that’s what we’re all going to be subjected to while we’re avoiding our in-laws. I’ve loved reading these stories to my kids over the years, however this trailer makes me feel sick to my stomach.

    So you have a couple of options here, you can watch the trailer or you can check out an amazing Tumblr page in which people took a still from the trailer and inserted it into pictures from famous horror movies. The choice is easy:

    Creepy Paddington:


    Slightly less creepy Paddington:


    Paddington ascends from the pit in which it was created on December 25th, and somehow stars Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Jim Broadbent, Sally Hawkins, and Peter Capaldi.

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