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  • DEADPOOL Test Footage Leaks… And it is amazing!

    By | July 30, 2014


    Somehow, some way (intentional or not), the 2011 test footage 20th Century Fox shot for a potential Ryan Reynolds starring Deadpool movie leaked online over the weekend and I think it’s amazing. It may only be 1 minute and 48 seconds long, but you really get a strong sense of the character and how comically bad ass he is. Ryan Reynolds provided the voice, with a stunt double (probably) providing the moves of the increasingly popular antihero. For the uninitiated, Deadpool is a mercenary type of mutant, who often breaks the fourth wall with wisecracking jokes as he mercilessly destroys (mostly) bad guys.

    Many in the comic book world think this footage was leaked intentionally to gauge interest, though 20th Century Fox denies this, stating this was an unintentional leak. Regardless, Deadpool is gaining more and more popularity and the buzz generated around this footage all but assures that he’ll be getting his own movie at some point, with or without Ryan Reynolds. If and when they do make this movie, I hope it’s this level of hard R, instead of something watered down. If any comic property deserves to have an R rated movie, it’s this.

    I really dig the footage. It’s brutal and brutally funny, two things that are largely missing from today’s PG and PG-13 rated super serious superhero fare. While I often find Deadpool to fall on the “too much” side of things for me, I dig what I saw here. What would two hours of this be like? It could get tiring after a while, but I’d like to see if that assessment is correct. Make this movie, 20th Century Fox! This footage is a winner!

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