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  • New Trailer for THE JUDGE Released

    By | September 19, 2014


    Marvel has officially lost me. The third Iron Man only had about ten minutes of good Iron Man footage in it, and now they’re releasing a trailer for a Robert Downey Jr. movie and they don’t even have one Iron Man shot in the entire thing. Surely he has an extra Mark suit around somewhere and can use it to bust Robert Duvall out of jail. In all seriousness, The Judge looks like fairly standard cliched stuff to me; a high powered lawyer (Robert Downey Jr.)  comes back to the small town he abandoned long ago to help get his dad (Robert Duvall) out of jail, all the while rekindling a relationship with a streetwise  woman (Vera Farmiga) who works in a bar and has a pretty sick-ass arm tattoo. Robert Downey Jr. is pretty much the only thing that makes me remotely interested in seeing this movie. He’s one of the last true stars Hollywood has and his charisma can often carry mediocre movies into above mediocre territories. I’m also glad to see Billy Bob Thornton back in big time movies. Apparently, Billy Bob Thornton is playing a kind of villainous big city lawyer type named Dwight Dickham. Do with that last name what you must.

    The Judge is set for release on October 10th, is directed by David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers, Shanghai Nights) and stars Robert Downey Jr., Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Vincent D’Onofrio, Leighton Meester, and Dax Shepard.

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