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  • New Trailer for Disney’s Live Action CINDERELLA

    By | November 19, 2014


    Hot off the box office success of Maleficent comes Disney’s live action adaptation of Cinderella. There doesn’t seem to be any “re-imagining” going on here, at least none that can be gleaned from the trailer. We’re not getting the Cinderella story as told by the stepmother or stepsisters. No, this sucker looks like a straight up adaptation of the 1950 animated Disney movie of the same name. The original movie is fairly bare-boned, so I bet they’ll flesh out the characters involved, but it looks like it captures the original movie’s vibe fairly well. I’m pretty excited for this. I’ve always been a fan of both fairy tales and of simpler storytelling, so I’m pretty jazzed to see Disney go back to making (what appears to be) a non-ironic, non-heavy handed, classic story. Plus, it has Cate Blanchett chewing up a crazy amount of scenery. That’s always a plus.

    Disney’s Cinderella comes out March 13th, 2015, and stars Helena Bonham Carter, Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Hayley Atwell, and Richard Madden.


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