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    By | November 26, 2014


    The Interview

    It still blows my mind that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview is coming out Christmas Day. No better way to round out a day of good tidings and holiday cheer than a stoner comedy where Seth Rogen and James Franco pal around with Kim Jong-un before possibly taking him out. While I wasn’t a huge fan of their This is the End, it’s impossible to deny that Rogen and Franco have a buddy chemistry that works on screen (and off it), and I can’t wait to see what these modern day Abbott and Costello (or are they more Murray and Ramis?) guys have in store for us. The Interview opens December 25, 2014 and stars Lizzy Caplan, James Franco, and Seth Rogen.


    Jurassic World

    I have so many questions about Jurassic World. This is now the fourth Jurassic Park movie. After the events of the first three movies in which dinosaurs ate an almost countless number of people on both Isla Nublar AND San Diego, why would anyone go back to that island, let alone set up a theme park there? Why would a mother send her sons there? Why would a mother use a creepy “run!” as their send off? When I first saw the trailer, I thought the final shot was Chris Pratt running away from velociraptors, but upon second viewing, it seems like they’ve teamed up and OH MY GOD, STARLORD IS BRINGING SOME OF THAT GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY mojo to Dino-Town! I’m not overly impressed with the trailer. It has kind of a Jaws 3D vibe to it. With the Great White shark used as minnow for larger aquatic dinosaur and the aforementioned velociraptors running alongside Pratt on his motorcycle, it’s safe to say that realism is going to come secondary to spectacle. I’m not opposed to that, per se, but I wish they’d just make a simple dinosaur vs human story like the first movie. It seems like they’ve gotten in trouble by straying too far from the formula. Jurassic World terrorizes audiences June 12, 2015, and stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.



    I watched the trailer for Joe Wright’s (Atonement and Hanna) Pan not long after being underwhelmed by the Jurassic World trailer, so I could be speaking from an angle of an already lowered bar, but I loved this trailer. While prequels can be tricky, there seems to be a lot to like in this Peter Pan-Captain Hook origin story. Both the real world and Neverland seem highly realized and full of depth, both thematically and aesthetically. Pan went from a movie I had no expectations for to a movie that’s now high on my “must see” list of 2015. Pan opens July 15, 2015 and stars Hugh Jackman.

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