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  • Finally! A “Fantastic Four” Teaser Trailer!

    By | January 27, 2015



    After months of radio silence from 20th Century Fox, we finally have our first glimpse at Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four. The footage is… interesting. They don’t show a ton of the Fantastic Four in action, so we’re left with a glimpse into the story and the tone they’re trying to set. From the looks of it, this one looks pretty dour and super serious. This definitely isn’t Tim Story’s The Fantastic Four movies (thank god!) from a few years back. This looks more like Nolan’s Interstellar than typical caped crusader fare. As I’ve said before, it’s easy to get pretty bored with superhero movies, so I hope this one is as good as the footage promises. I was a huge fan of Josh Trank’s Chronicle and I like all the actors they’ve assembled for this. Beyond all else, it’s good to finally have some footage to watch.

    The Fantastic Four is set for release on August 7th, 2015, and stars Michael B Jordan, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, Kate Mara, and Toby Kebbell, with 20th Century Fox producing.

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