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  • Paul Feig Casts his “Ghostbusters”

    By | January 28, 2015


    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony and director Paul Feig have selected their ghostbusters, with Melissa McCarthy (The Heat and Tammy), Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids), and current Saturday Night Live cast members Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon signing on to strap on the proton packs and bust some ghosts.

    This is home run casting. Each of those actresses has such a clearly defined persona and skill set, it’s not hard to imagine them nailing the material and having great chemistry with one another. Similar to the 1984 movie, they’re pretty tapped into the SNL talent pool, with three of the four members having ties to the long-running comedy show. This will be a reunion of sorts for Feig, Wiig, and McCarthy, who also worked together on the wildly popular Bridesmaids. By my estimation, SNL is currently in one of their down years, but both McKinnon and Jones have been standouts so far. The best cast members on that show are ones that kind of pop off the screen and elevate the material they’re doing, and both McKinnon and Jones seem to fit that criteria.

    Now that we know who’s going to star in this, can we move past calling them “the female Ghostbusters?” I certainly applaud the feminism of casting an all female ghostbusters, and am definitely aware of the (small) backlash that this casting is getting from the usual suspects, but at this point, they’re just Ghostbusters. These are your Ghostbusters, world. Embrace them (or not). The fact that they’re all women is inconsequential, to me. If your goal is to make a laugh out loud movie that’s smart and well directed, you can’t go wrong with this cast and this director. I can’t wait.

    Ghostbusters is tentatively set for release on July 22, 2016.


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