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  • BOY MEETS GIRL Comes Out Friday

    By | February 3, 2015


    Thanks to Wolfe Releasing, writer-director Eric Schaeffer’s Boy Meets Girl (featuring a breakout lead performance by transgender actress Michelle Hendley) opens theatrically in New York on February 6th, expanding to additional markets including Los Angeles, San Diego and Washington DC soon thereafter. The film will also be released on VOD on April 6th.

    Here’s an excerpt from my 8 out of 10 review:

    Boy Meets Girl is not strictly a transgender or LGBTQA film, it is a film about understanding and acceptance, universal themes that clearly transcend gender and sexual orientation. Deeply exploring issues of shame, judgment and hatred in the context of the ever-blurring lines of gender, Eric Schaeffer still finds a way to make a film that is significantly more lighthearted and funny than his films Fall and After Fall, Winter. Not to be confused with Leos Carax’s Boy Meets Girl, which operates in sharp tonal contrast to the lighthearted rom-com genre that the title suggests, Schaeffer fully embraces the tone and structure of the rom-com genre to make his intellectually intuitive plot all the more digestible. Essentially a teen chick flick with balls (mind the pun), Schaeffer’s film is infinitely more thoughtful than most (all) other films in the genre.

    Here is the official trailer for Boy Meets Girl:

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