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  • Forty Years from Yesterday | DVD/VOD Release

    By | February 17, 2015


    It feels like just — ahem — yesterday that Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck’s Forty Years from Yesterday was named one of my favorite unreleased films of 2013. Now, at long last, Forty Years from Yesterday is finally accessible for anyone — hopefully everyone — to experience.

    You might remember me gushing incessantly about this one for countless months after the film’s premiere at the 2013 LA Film Fest. Here’s a snippet of said gushing in my 8 out of 10 review:

    Forty Years from Yesterday is a gorgeously minimalist meditation on the moods and tones experienced shortly after a loved one’s death. We observe the characters — all of whom are non-actors — as if they are subjects of a cinema verite documentary. Since Bruce (Bruce Graham) internalizes most of his feelings and reactions, conversation is kept to a bare minimum. Alexander Sablow’s camera allows every line and pore on Bruce’s face to function as a roadmap for his feelings as well as his personal history. Bruce Graham handles with surprising skill and fortitude the burden of having to carry much of the narrative solely with his face.

    Forty Years from Yesterday operates in sharp opposition to Hollywood films about death; there is no soundtrack to trigger our emotions, nothing is over-explained or over-sentimentalized. Directors Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck have quite purposefully made a film that may not be enjoyable in the traditional sense, there is no comedy or light-heartedness to ease the heartache, but that is only because they are striving to achieve a greater level of realism. Regardless, Forty Years from Yesterday is a transcendental experience that plays to the inherent — yet, woefully underused — strengths of the cinematic medium.

    Machoian and Ojeda-Beck’s newest film God Bless the Child will premiere at the 2015 South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival. I plan to be the very first in line for that one. For now, I’ll leave you with the gorgeous trailer for Forty Years from Yesterday

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