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  • Soaked in Bleach | Review

    By | June 11, 2015


    Director: Benjamin Statler

    Private investigator Tom Grant is still convinced that Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain was murdered. Despite being initially hired by Courtney Love to locate Cobain, Grant admits that he was always suspicious of his employer. Grant’s suspicions prompted him to record his conversations with Love.

    Twenty-one years after Cobain’s death, which was ruled a suicide by the Seattle police, Grant’s tapes resurface in director Benjamin Statler’s documentary Soaked in Bleach. Statler uses those suspicious audio recordings as the backbone of his highly inflammatory documentary, supplementing the carefully crafted sound bites with talking head interviews and reenactments. Singularly adopting Grant’s perspective, Statler’s film goes directly for Love’s jugular, attempting to pin a motive on her for possibly being involved in Cobain’s death.

    The reenactments add an off-putting artificiality to Soaked in Bleach, but otherwise Statler’s film is a fairly solid representation of Grant’s version of the truth (just do not expect any other opinions to be represented). This is a documentary that will most likely re-enliven the debates surrounding Cobain’s death; it will also provide Love’s enemies with all the more reason to despise her. For Love’s fan base, however, Soaked in Bleach will be nothing short of sheer heresy.

    Rating: 7/10

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