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  • Anna Bielak

    European Contributor
    Location: Warsaw, Poland
    Facebook: Anna Bielak

    Anna was born in Zamość, a small Renaissance town in southeast Poland. As a teenager she was dedicated to street theater, even having her own pair of stilts. In her early twenties, she gave up theater for writing and cinema. Anna can’t stay in one place for very long, so she travels whenever she has opportunity to do it. She loves winter in Berlin and autumn in Venice because of their respective film festivals. Still, Anna is looking forward to visiting new places and making up her own private map with films’ connected places. Anna doesn’t have any favorite film directors and never has -- claiming that if she finds one, it will mean that she stopped looking forward and broadening her horizons, and that will be the end of her love for the cinema. With that attitude (and apart from having a great respect for Luis Bunuel, Béla Tarr, Wim Wenders, Tsai-ming Liang, David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch and Woody Allen) she is very interested in debuts, new waves of all kinds, talented new directors, and cinematic experiments.

    In 2011, Anna graduated with a Master of the Arts in Film Studies from Jagiellonian University in Kraków; with a great feeling of change, she relocated to Warsaw. She is currently working as a freelance film journalist and a festival programmer (52nd Kraków Film Festival).