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  • Corey Corcoran

    Contributor of Badness
    Location: Austin, Texas
    Facebook: Corey Corcoran

    Corey was born up North and raised down South. He possesses the bullshit Irish charm of his father, the sailor's mouth of his mother, and the sensitive heart of his step-father. He uses two of the three equally and should practice on using the third one more..

    Corey spent his early years scanning the back of the cable guide for any movie with the GL, AC, V, GV, and N content descriptors and was raised on a steady diet of Hal Needham, John Carpenter, and Andy Sidaris films. He fancies himself a professional "purveyor of badness" and could give a care what you learned in film school.

    One more thing: he always cries at the end of John Guillermin's KING he can't be all bad.

    Please visit his blog at: Spectacular Optical Corp.