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  • Dave Wilson

    Contributing Writer
    Location: Austin, TX
    Twitter: @davedwelling

    Dave grew up in San Francisco, CA where his love of film developed over the course of many rainy Saturday afternoons at rep theaters like The Red Vic, The Roxie, and The Castro. When he was eleven, he remembers seeing Hitchcock's Vertigo for the first time with his dad at the old The Parkside on Taravel St. In high school, he lived two blocks from The Castro Theater, where he wandered into a double feature of Rashomon and Throne of Blood, and was so captivated by his first glimpse of Japanese cinema that he returned night after night during the complete retrospective of Kurosawa's films to soak up as much as he could. Around this time, Dave picked up his first Super 8 camera and started making his own films.

    In college, Dave studied film production with Jean-Pierre Gorin and Babette Mangolte at University of California, San Diego and later moved to Austin, Texas to complete his M.F.A. in Radio-Television-Film at U.T. Austin, where he produced several short films, including Bali (2000) and Last Rites (2002).

    Dave is doing his part to indoctrinate the next generation by supplementing his daughters' diet of Disney fare with films like The Thief of Bagdad, The Gold Rush, Bringing Up Baby, and Stagecoach. He is pleased to report that the girls are just as likely to ask for Miyazaki or Meet Me in St. Louis as they are for Shrek.