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  • Linc Leifeste

    Associate Editor
    Location: Austin, TX
    Facebook: Linc Leifeste

    All of Linc’s childhood heroes were either film reviewers or rodeo clowns as he idolized their unrivaled lives of glamour and adventure and feels absolutely confident that the sum total of his life experiences up until this point was nothing but preparation for a chance to contribute to Smells Like Screen Spirit.

    Before having children Linc spent many hours watching films and has vowed to do so again in the not too distant future. After recently attending his 100th free press screening on the arm of Don Simpson, Linc vowed to dedicate his life to fighting crime and doing his part to contribute instead of going through life as a mere spectator.

    Prior life experiences include growing up in small town Texas and all the associated scars and souvenirs, a lifetime of attending the University of Texas at Austin to study English, another lifetime of gainful employment with the aforementioned University in the Office of Accounting, becoming a husband to his amazing wife and a father to his two prodigious boys and trying to learn and memorize the complete recorded pre-1970 catalog of American country and western music.