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  • Matthew McKibben

    Contributing Writer
    Location: Austin, TX
    Facebook: Matthew McKibben

    Matthew was born in Houston, Texas and considers himself fortunate that he was able to soak in all of the great pop-culture event movies of the 70s and 80s more or less as they happened. Through many trips to the movie theaters and even more countless hours wearing out video tapes, Matt’s love of popcorn cinema borders on an obsession. While his tastes tend to be more skewed towards stuff where people wear capes and where the fate of the world is at stake, as Matt’s grown up his love of cinema has come down to earth a bit and he’s now a fan of a wide array of filmmakers. He has a fondness for regional cinema, whether it be from Japan, Hong Kong, Texas, New York City, or elsewhere. His favorite filmmakers list is long, but his personal favorites have always been Kurosawa, Spielberg, Scorsese, and James Cameron. Matt is happily married to Anne Gaskill and has begun to show his kids all the movies he enjoyed as child, while also happily watching their favorite movies, too.